Fetishize Everything 42 Song Demo

by Mental Abortion

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released April 4, 2015

Members - Rotting Korpse / Evil Mutant

1. Fetishize Everything (Intro)
2. End Your Fuckin Life
3. Fuck Off And Die
4. Burned Towels (Up My Ass)
5. Raped Inside A Dog Cage
6. Noisecore Pervert
7. Noisecore Sex Addict Drug Addict
8. Beer And Porno And A Dildo In My Arsehole (Night Alone)
9. Choked To Death On Life Itself
10. Killed With Spikes
11. Fuck You And Your Skull
12. Eye Gouged With Finger
13. Heavy Petting And Fingering A Mutant
14. Bitchslapped By A Woman
15. Pierced Vagina Dentata
16. Anal Predator
17. Hydrochloric Acid Bukkake Video (Half Melted Whore Face)
18. Masturbating To The Thought Of My Own Death
19. Meat Packing Fetish
20. Bored By Legal Porn
21. Restless Leg Syndrome Fetish
22. Hardened Slug Horn
23. Twisted Lactating Nipples
24. Butt Predator
25. Bleeding Cunts Filled With White Cake And Frosting
26. Sick Of Consensual Sex
27. Spider Filled Cunt
28. Lonely Old Pervert Fuck Up With Mental Problems Seeks Same
29. Biting The Heads Off Lizards
30. Japanese Porno Is Fucking Boring
31. Watching You Suffer For All Eternity (Or Until I Kill You)
32. Two Headed Cock
33. Married Scientist Seeks Volunteer To Dissect Mutant Egg
34. Rotting Lizard Dead In Its Cage
35. Two Headed Pussy
36. Mouse Pussy
37. Knifed
38. Gutted
39. Shanked
40. Traumatized (Two Fuck Ups Shouting Over Shit Noise)
41. Avant Garde Electro Acoustic Noise Is For Posers In College
42. You'll Be Dead Soon

We Worship Pure Noise Over Riffs! No Fucking Guitars Used! Eat Shit & Die Assholes!!!



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