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1.deaf whore makes sounds like a dog when she's fucked up the ass
2.thick fleshy string hanging down beside the vaginal opening that
was once The snipped septate hymen
3.deflated sac of scarred flesh that was once the underdeveloped penis of a infant victim of a newly practiced circumcision technique. legged brunette begging for sex armed blonde begging for money
6.blood clots inside a nearly sealed vaginal opening and slowly works its way out through a tiny hole in the membrane of the hymen microperforate over a period of 12 days
7.breastfeeding the stillborn
8.holding on to your shit for the last anal scene
9.the man forces his wife to vomit to see if she swallowed the entire load
10.vomiting is induced for pleasure at the risk of scalding the cock with hot acidic stomach fluid
11.woman accidentally smothers crippled husband while forcing him to perform oral sex with his loose and slobbery jaw.
12.the man was found with a swollen tongue and his dead cock was as hard and stiff as a 200 year old corpse
13.chemical cautery as a treatment for a bad case of genital warts
14.buldging, blue-domed, translucent membrane
15.home abortion using a wire, twine, and a barbless fishing hook
16.the ropes were wrapped tightly around each breast.
one rope extended through the labia and gluteal fold.
17.blood in my hair
18.the whore notices that she experiences re-accuring dreams about
19.homeless whore desecrates the grave of her first stillborn
20.hymen smashes when the genitals is first penetrated
21.permanent psychosis induced by a large acid dose up the ass
22.violent dreams of a violent whore monger
23.the same man reoffends on the same day every year
24.home birth midwifed by the grandmother of the baby who is the reincarnated grandfather rapist
25.various erotica and sex toys were recovered from the crime scene, such as vibrators, ropes, nipple clamps.
26.Incestuous cunnilingus
27.blowflies seeking areas on the body to lay their eggs,
28.a mass of freshly laid blowfly eggs
29.maggot mass estimated to be developed from 5 to 7 days
30.hard shell-like cocoons laft behind after the maggot hatches and the adult fly emerges
31.a slow death on a pile of filth
32.the man is identified by a dna match from a fecal sample found in the hair of the victim
33.However the organized offender, who is a sadist, the necrophilia represents the total and complete domination of another persons' being.
34.aqua-eroticum victim found floating in a lake wearing a hockey helmet equipped with a safety grid.
35.under the leak proof plastic, the man was totally nude
36.Disgusted by the concept of love
37.Disgusted by the concept of kindness
38.Disgusted by the concept of humanity
39.Exploding corpse
40.Exploding mausoleum
41.Whore menstruates through sheer black panty hose
42.Orgasm then death then eternal damnation
43.Incest and smoking meth
44.Bare ass burning on hot metal bench
45.Psychopath with a hammer
46.Psychopath with a drill
47.Psychopath with a serrated hunting knife
48.Noisecore army of perverts
49.Toilet clogged with shit period blood, tampons, yeast infections and condoms filled with cum
50.Toluidine Blue
51.Brain hemorrhage
52.Pervert Lifted Up My Skirt To Find The Eye Of GOD


from Infinite Cum, released November 20, 2016



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Mental Abortion Austin, Texas

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